Conspiracy Theory: Does Google Know Too Much About You?

You know, I love Google’s offerings. I use alot of them. I have a gmail account. I use Google Docs, analytics, customized search pages. Google IS my home page.

I’ve always felt that the sign of a good education was not what you know as much as how good you are at being able to “ferret out” any information you need on any topic. I thought this before the invention of Google, and I think that Google has enabled the masses to be more “educated” by my own definition.

Google is how I work and play without having to store an inordinate amount of detailed information in my head — I know how to find it… on Google. But there have been a few people (myself included) lately, that have become a bit concerned with the sheer mass of information Google now possesses about individuals.

That fear is investigated (and augmented) by this online movie which is called “Master Plan: About the Power of Google.”

I also find it interesting that this movie site has a zero page rank. Especially with the emphasis on video content online, recently. *smile* Irony (or tampering) aside… it’s a good watch for those among us that worry about invasion of privacy and about information mining.

Yes, I blog on the web, I work on the web, I offer alot of information about myself on the web — but the difference is:

I want to be in total control of what information about me is shared. If I want to share it, great. If I don’t — no one else should have that information, IMHO. That’s a huge distinction for me. If I want to tell you where I’m shopping, what I’m buying, what movies I’m watching and what books I’m reading — I will. But I don’t want anyone determining this information by watching my online habits, gaining access to my rental records at the video store, or by compiling a list of the books I’ve purchased online or borrowed from the library.

Yes, privacy is a pretty difficult concept in the digital age. And I believe that if there is a “big brother” in our future, it’s not going to be the government. It’s going to be big business — and if it’s big business — who in the universe is better positioned to be that big brother than Google?

Things that make you go… Hmmmmm.

Do I love Google? Oh, yeah! Do I worry about Google… uh-huh. Sometimes. Some times more than others.