iPhone: All I Can Say is WOW!

I take it back… I take it ALL back. I lied when I said I wouldn’t be buying an iPhone right away. I lied when I said a measly 8 gigs of memory was not enough for me to be tempted. I lied when I said I’d wait for a phone that held at LEAST all the stuff my current 60 gig iPod carries.

I admit it, I lied.

But, in my defense, I didn’t know enough to make that staunch stance. I’d not seen with my own eyes the features displayed on the “virtual tour” of this device’s numerous attributes…Now that I’ve viewed the touch technology that allows you to adjust and crop the size of a photo on the phone by pulling two finger touches apart, or pushing two finger touches together, well, I’m all speechless. I reported on this type of touch-screen technology back, last year.

I actually heard myself utter, “Oh, WOW!” here alone in my office when I viewed the video. I felt a bit foolish once my ears heard what my vocal cords did spontaneously. But, HEY, what better way to express how it literally wowed me.

The Internet features, the video/audio, the touch screen… and the technology behind it that “auto-detects” whether you are viewing in landscape or portrait format — well, gee, that’s just too cool!

So, yeah, I’m gonna buy it the second it comes out. I’m going to own one! My daughter (the 9-year-old) has been clamoring for her own iPod. My hubby has been eyeing my 60 gig and asking when I was going to upgrade to the 80 gig — something I’ve refused to do to date.

But I’ve been thinking… maybe I don’t need to carry three or four full seasons of my favorite TV shows with me everywhere I go… and 8 gig is still alot of space… or at least it was before I became so spoiled. So maybe I can “tough it out” with this 8 gig version until Apple comes out with the larger size — something I KNOW they will do soon.

Until they do, I’m now officially jonesing for this new bit of technology, and I must say that no piece of hardware has turned my personal crank like this since the Treo. I’ve been waiting, I’ve been looking for the next phone I would own — and I’ve been using an old V400 in conjunction with my Tablet PC to do everything I need. But now… just maybe… I’ll be doing it on an iPhone later this year.

I do miss having internet access and the ability to check email while I’m out. I love my Tablet, but I’d like to be able to do these things even on the way to the grocery store and on my way to and from client appointments without breaking out the Tablet. (Yeah, I’m addicted. I admit it. I’m a communication junkie — I never want to be disconnected unless I CHOOSE to unplug.)

So there you have it, my overly excited review. If you want to get excited about it yourself… visit the virtual tour over at the Apple site. Go to http://www.apple.com/iphone/ and be sure to look click on all the buttons and see all the detailed tours.

Pretty-pretty! Now, HOW long do I have to wait? Till SUMMER? And woe to those folks not on the Cingular plan… where it will be unveiled first. I just hope it has an extraordinary battery life and an easy-to-adjust volume on the cell phone that actually gets loud enough to use. I can’t wait!

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