2000 Blogger Project Shut Down

Less than a month into his project and with scores of people participating, Tino’s 2000 blogger’s project has been shut down. Technorati didn’t like it. It was, apparently, artificially boosting rankings on the Technorati site.

Personally, I thought it was a cool concept, to put “faces” on 2000 bloggers out of the nearly 60 million of us out there. I thought it was cool enough that I participated. I was in just after the 500 mark. But now it’s being blasted as a link farm scheme.


I’m against link farms, and always have been. But, to me, this seemed like more of a novelty. It made me go and click on sites that I otherwise may never have seen. It was a variety filled collection of bloggers from all walks of life. The resulting “artificial” link hype aside, it was a novel idea.

It’s been taken down by the creator now, with his apologies. It’s now relegated to the history of blogdom — and although it’s not something seen as “good” right now in some circles, I’m still glad I was there. I’m still glad I participated and I still think it was fun.