Color Your Real Estate Blog… Beautiful!

Perhaps you have decided to create a blog for your business. Let’s say, just for argument, that you have already selected your blog software, you have selected a name and a tagline, you even have an idea on how to approach your first post… but what you don’t have is a good, well-branded and beautifully colored blog template.

I found a wonderful little online tool that will hold your hand through the process of color selection — It’s a tool that’s not only effective and flexible, it’s FUN!If you are like me, you know what you like when you SEE it, but you can’t always pull it out of the void by sheer willpower. Are you a “color” person? Do you know what colors contrast, which ones compliment? Have you already tried to make a pretty blog, only to end up with too many colors or… the WRONG colors?

Well, visit the Color Scheme Generator 2 by for a free helping hand. And let me know if you find it useful!