Carry Your Computer Essentials on Your iPod — or a FlashDrive!

I just found an amazingly sweet little suite of programs to make my iPod a backup “server” to take my own programs on the road. This customizable bundle will let me take my browser (FireFox) and a portable version of an AV program, a basic MS compatible office suite, a calendar program, an email program (ThunderBird in portable format), a image editor, a media player, a Suduku game and a host of other options with me.

And the most interesting part? It’s free! You also get a webpage editor, an audio editor and recorder, FileZilla (my favorite FTP program) in a portable version, a file zipper, a systray launcher, a backup program and even a couple IM clients that are cross-IM compatible!

Personally, this looks like a great way to carry my “PC tune-up and repair kit” along with me in a folder tucked away on my 60 gig iPod — not to mention a way to invisibly use a public computer, or someone else’s machine without the need to install anything on the host computer and to do my work without leaving my data or any footprint behind. Sweet… very sweet!

I haven’t yet downloaded this and given it a spin, but I WILL. If you want to beat me to the punch, visit and check out the goods for yourself.

As I look more and more at open source options, I’m researching GIMP and various other options on the software I currently have (and currently pay to upgrade every year). This was just a little treasure I found along the way while doing my research, and I just had to share.

If you are interested, here’s where you download the full GIMP (free, open source) image editing software for Windows. I’m downloading mine now.