I’m All Trademarked and Stuff!

I just got the official paperwork today…

My WickedWordCraft.com tagline (Writing and Marketing Magic) is now OFFICIALLY a registered trademark!

Wicked WordCraft has been registered for several years, and back then, few people wanted to be “Wicked’ and you didn’t hear the term thrown around quite so often. There wasn’t “wicked weather” on the evening news or “wicked bargains” at your neighborhood store. The whole use of “wicked” as good concept was a trailblazer… way back then.

But this one was more difficult…

There were “similar” applications on file when I applied some…. three years ago, or so. They didn’t look that similar to me, but it wasn’t my decision. I’d all but given up on the idea of ever making it happen. I was afraid that the tagline I’ve used for so many years (one that put me through the bends to develop, BTW), was going to be taken from me.

So receiving that pretty cream paper with the fancy gold seal was the ONE bright spot in today’s day from …ahem… “Heck.”

Today, I can now be the “Writing and Marketing Magic” person that I’ve been for all these years, and I now have a legal, registered right to be that person.