Sims Launches New Mobile Friendly Line of Games

EA Games has just announced a new mobile-friendly game, based on the famous Sims2 model. The company has announced three games, marketed under the umbrella of Sims Life Stories.

The first one is called Life Stories, is due out in February. The second, Life Stories Pets is due out this summer. The third is the one I most anticipate (probably because I’m such a huge “Lost” fan) called Castaway Stories.

But what do I look forward to most with this new offering?…
The fact that it will play in a window!!! So I can do other things while my Sims are living their lives. For those not currently Sims2 fans… you probably can’t understand the importance of this. For those who are… ISN’T THAT COOL?!?!

Now, I must admit I just broke down and loaded up all my Sims 2 expansion packs on my Tablet — and they run just fine. I’m really looking forward to getting the weather and seasons expansion for my little Sims, when that comes out in a few weeks. I even grabbed a bit of custom content the other day when my son showed me some cool new stuff. But, I will say that I miss the beautiful graphics of a desktop when running my Sims.

The Tablet is great, but it’s no competition for my desktop on a Sims level. *Sigh* Maybe someday soon there will be a mobile friendly Sims that is pen friendly (right now, I can’t really play Sims easily with the pen and I usually use my bluetooth mouse). It would also be nice to have a Tablet PC with an incredible graphics card.

Ah, yes, that would be really sweet. :0)