Professional Paper Tamer for Your Real Estate Office

If you are a real estate broker … and one of the things you plan to do this year is get more organized (but the thought of doing the WORK to get more organized makes you decide this task can wait) — you may be interested in a new service I’ve found!

Long-time transaction coordinator (and the person I recommend to my own clients for these services), Karen Drebes of The Coordinator Group (, has recently launched a new division, DocManagers. This service takes the burden of paper management off any weary broker’s back and makes life inside your office easier.

How it Works
After a meeting to determine the brokerage’s needs for file completion on escrows, the plan is put in place. The good folks at DocManagers create a checklist for each transaction, request information as needed, accept all completed forms from agents, send out reminders when deadlines are approaching, notify accounting when the files are complete so the commission checks can be cut, and keeps all the files accessible online (and secure) for agent and broker alike.

Why it Helps
No more digging around for that file — it’s there online. No more wondering “what else needs to be done?” because you have an updated list with each new submission — and that list is always available online. And no more checks prematurely distributed. As a broker you can rest assured that your files are in compliance. As an agent you know when you get the check, your job is complete and you can move on to the next project.

When it’s all over, a completed version of the file is zipped and emailed to the agent and the broker for archiving purposes. Now HOW could it be any simpler? And, it’s affordable!

So, if you want organization, but contemplating the “do it yourself” approach is too overwhelming, contact Karen and see if she can help ease your load and organize your office. What a great way to keep that resolution this year!