Jedi Sock Monkey "Rules" for the 12 Days of Christmas

I love eBay. It’s like “the world is my oyster” online and all cool and easy-to-access. I decided this year to do a 12 days of Christmas for my hubby. He complained to me recently that he’s the only one in the family that never gets the cool stuff in the mail — all he gets is bills and “resident” mail. We (the kids and I) get all the cool boxes, packages and personal letters.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that if he:

  • Bought things online
  • Wrote letters to others
  • Subscribed to a magazine

That he, too, could have mail that wasn’t sent to “resident” and didn’t involve utility companies. I should have, I guess, but I didn’t. Instead, I decided to buy him some stuff online and have it shipped to him for Christmas.

So, he got 12 days of Christmas… scattered over the course of the first two weeks of December and then continuing into the third (and possibly fourth) week because his wife can’t count and there was so much cool stuff to have delivered to a man that gets so excited about getting mail.

Of the things I had shipped, there was one clear winner to date (and he’s already passed the 12 mark). That thing was a sock monkey. But it wasn’t just ANY sock monkey. Nope, it was a custom made, old-fashioned sock monkey with a newfangled twist. It’s a Jedi Sock Monkey.

Now to know how cool this really is, you would simply HAVE to have seen his face when he got it. You would also have to know what a geek my hubby is. (Geeks are really cool these days for those of you still sadly out of date about such things.)

Now, I knew he wanted a sock monkey. I knew that he always wanted one growing up and that he never won one at the family reunion and picnic. I knew all that. What I didn’t know is what a cool wife I would become by purchasing a custom-made sock monkey.

So, if you have a sock monkey lover in YOUR house and you want to find that perfect one… you may want to go online (to eBay of course) and look up a lady named Nancy Arnold in Tennessee. Her handle is Myra39. I’ll not offer up her email address to the spammers, but I’m sure she will send it to you if you request it.

And apparently, these sock monkeys “rule” and the wives who buy them “Rock!” — or so I’m told.