Forgive me. It’s been two weeks since my last blog…

I suddenly feel Catholic. My husband (who actually IS Catholic) says I’d make a good one. Says I feel more guilt than most Catholics. This, apparently, is a good trait in the religion business.

Personally, I find it to be a real drag…

I was recently told that guilt is the result of feeling responsible. So, whenever I feel guilty now, I try to determine what it is, exactly, that I feel responsible for (yeah, and I’m ending this in a preposition, I’ll deal with it). Then, I try to figure out if it’s something over which I actually have any control. If I do, I decide to fix it or not. If I don’t, I decide to quit feeling guilty — because it’s worthless to do so when it’s out of my hands.

Now, with all that said, I’m back (full circle) to not blogging.

I’m trying to simplify for the new year. I’ve decided to combine with WickedWordCraft. I’m doing this so I’m not feeling guilty for not blogging two to three times a week on both sites. I’m doing it because it makes sense to add the technology information to my main site. So it has a mobility twist? *Shrug* It’s what I do. It’s what I like.

I’m even considering if I should have wicked blog as a topic on the main site and have ALL my content in one virtual basket. But, for now, will stay on its own. For now, there’s enough change going on.

In the last two weeks, my daughter has recovered from the pneumonia she had. My son (the 16 year old) has survived several kidney stone attacks and eventually had surgery to remove it. My eldest was able to get off crutches and has been in the medical unit of the Army. My husband has been working 12 hour shifts for 8 days in a row — regularly.

In addition, my client load has been incredibly heavy and I now have the cough that Alex is just now getting over.

It’s December. This is how it goes in December (and usually January) every year.

So, I’ve not been blogging. I’ve obviously been “goofing off” with all this other stuff. I’ve also been doing some long-range planning for the business and for my life. It’s also that time of the year. Every year.

Now I’m back, I’m blogging. And I’m trying to let go of all the extra stuff that I seem to collect throughout the year. I’m preparing for the turning over of a new leaf of the calendar. I’m trying to take a deep breath.

I’m trying to remember my blessings — and count them. I’m just happy that everyone is healthy, or at least on the mend. And I’m trying to get organized (at least somewhat) before the end of the month. Happy holidays. 🙂