FireFox: Browsing Powerhouse with Add-Ons

Firefox, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… You are secure, playful, flexible and customizable. Sure, I’ve explored several browsers over the years, but I always come back to Firefox for the tabs, cool themes and the add-ons and tools I depend on every day. Want to know which Firefox add-ons are my all-time favorites? Read on!

Firefox works the way I work. It’s a custom-fit. Yes, Slimbrowser is a resource conservative, Opera has “widgets” and the new IE has tabs and a few add-ons too… but I still love Firefox and consider it the best of all possible worlds. Below are my all-time favorite Firefox add-ons and why I love them. That way, if you decide to give Firefox a spin, you will know some of the bells and whistles you can add. And, if you already adore Firefox, you can peruse a list of “must have” add-ons that are tried and true (and won’t crash your Internet sessions).

  1. Want to know all the cool stuff that the new release offers (for those of you that have an old release, or those that have never used Firefox)? – Get the Scoop Here!
  2. Want to give it a spin? Download the latest release Firefox 2.
  3. Want to waste about six hours of your life reviewing all the widgets you can get that will customize the devil outta your own copy of Firefox? Visit the add ons Page.

Here are my favorite add-ons:

Google Toolbar for Firefox – Want to know your page rank, be able to spell check forms you fill in online? Or a number of other little tools? Download this first essential addon. (BTW, the new Firefox version marks those with tiny little red dotted underlines and offers a quick right-click to correct)

What follows are my picks – and where they are found on the Firefox official pages:

  1. StumbleUpon – – allows you to discover and share great Web content matched to your personal preferences. I simply adore “stumbling” as does everyone I’ve introduced to this addictive little plug-in. It can quickly become a bad habit, so download it at your own peril!
  2. New Tab Homepage < – – automatically loads your homepage when you pop up a new tab. I like this because I usually pop open a new tab for another search on Google. Since Google is my home page, it saves me a click.
  3. VideoDownloader – lets you download embedded objects on a webpage.
  4. IE Tab – – lets me open up an IE “tab” in FF for those areas that still require the MS product. I use this only under duress :0)
  5. MileWideBack – I’m a tab power user, and this helps me to keep things moving without stacking tabs into multiple rows.
  6. Grab and Drag – Enables Adobe Acrobat-style Grab and drag scrolling in Mozilla applications. This one is especially important on a tablet, so I can drag down the screen with my stylus.
  7. GeckoTip – – provides Tablet PC and UMPC support and enhancements in Mozilla Apps.
  8. Download Statusbar – – by Devon Jensen – Let’s you manage your Internet downloads from a toolbar, without the download window getting in the way of browsing. Compact and useful. It auto-hides when not in use. I simply love this little add-on!
  9. Web Developer – – by Chris Pederick – Adds a toolbar of web developer tools and a menu to your standard browser.
  10. Firebug – – by Joe Hewitt – lets you look at the inner workings of the web pages you visit and helps you to troubleshoot your own (or your client’s) webpages using debugging tools and help.
  11. Mouse Gestures – – lets you execute common commands in Firefox using mouse (or stylus) gestures.
  12. Tab Mix Plus –– Must Have add-on for the tabbing power-user.
  13. Aging Tabs –– makes it easier for those of us who look up to discover that there are over twenty tabs open in the current window — and we need to remember which ones we have viewed recently.

If you want to customize the way Firefox LOOKS, not just the way it works, you should visit the Themes Page for Firefox and try on a new “outfit” for your browser.

Note: All those listed above are compatible with the Firefox version 2 — but all those listed in the add-on pages are not. Be sure to check for compatibility before downloading and using any add-ons.

If you are a Firefox fan too, please share your own favorite Foxfire add-ons, themes or extensions!