Reclaiming My Life: Simplification and Consolidation

I’ve made a big decision. In the first week of December, I’ll be moving over to I’ll be combining my two separate URLs into a single site. This is step one in a revamping plan for the rest of my work, business and life.

I need a bit of streamlining in my life and, after much deliberation, I’m going to take this leap. I think I can easily offer the same content on a single site simply by organizing by topic.

I’m working with a designer now to create a lovely new header to boost the “look and feel” of WickedWordCraft. He’s also going to provide original icons for my topics for the blog and the business site.

I must admit, I’m pretty excited. With the contributions I’m making on other blog community sites, this will help me to minimize the guilt I feel when I’m not blogging 3 times per week on each site. I took off several days for the Thanksgiving holiday. It amazed me how much I DIDN’T miss working and staying logged in. It was nice, and I’ve decided I need more of that in my life. I don’t want the fact that I run a business to be an excuse for not having a life.

It really struck home when my daughter introduced me to her friend at school during their “invite your parents” Thanksgiving luncheon. She said “This is my mommy, she works on the computer all the time and she’s very busy.” She then commented that she didn’t see much of me. It was a real wake-up call. THIS is how my daughter sees me? I’ve known that my balance has been out of whack for awhile — but this painted that fact in neon colors.

It’s time. It’s a nearly new year. It’s a new beginning for me. It’s overdue.