Sims 2 Pets Plays Flawlessly on Tablet PC!

Ok, I did it. While I was working on another computer, I converted the
Sims 2 Pets expansion pack to a virtual CD (using Virtual Drive 9.0).
Now, I have a great little smooth-running copy of Sims 2 Pets running
on my Tablet PC.

During my trip down to Georgia this weekend, I played on the Tablet PC just long enough to determine that there were no hidden “gottchas” from the install. It played flawlessly.

There were no jumps and starts, stalls and crashes… it just WORKED! So, if anyone out there was wondering if the Tablet would play the latest expansion pack for the Sims 2… the answer is YES!

Now, if only I had the time to go play some more! Maybe over the holidays…