Tablet Tools: Great (FREE!) Template Resource for OneNote Users

I’ve been hoarding a great little site that helps me to get any template I may ever need for OneNote… and it’s time to bring it out of the closet.

I tripped across this site several months back, but it took awhile to determine how to convert this “paper lovers” site from a “print it out on your printer and stick it in your paper organizer” resource to a digital resource to use with my own Tablet PC and my OneNote program.

Here’s how…The site, (Do It Yourself Planner) offers more templates — general and specialized — than you can imagine. There are even upload options for readers to increase the library size. And they are good quality templates! Excellent stuff.

If you want to get them over to OneNote for your own “inking” use, you should:

  • Download — as many as you like! (they are free after all)
  • Open them in the native program
  • Convert the file to a PDF
    • if you have Adobe you can print them to PDF like a printer
    • if you have the Beta version of Office, you can get a free PDF converter download HERE. (Adobe sued MS to prevent packaging with the final program, so be sure to get this when you get your Office 2007)
  • Copy the PDF file over to One Note
    • Drag it over and you will have three options: Insert a link to the original file, Insert a copy of the file onto the page and Insert the file as a printout so I can add notes to it. (Choose the latter one) Now remove the icon and the link that it automatically places at the top of the file on your page.
  • Secure it to the page
    • Resize it to fit your OneNote page by clicking on the “graphic” of the template and stretching or shrinking using the boxes at each corner (beware using the boxes not on corners because it will change the proportions of the item, often with unsavory results.)
    • Once in the proper place, and the right size, right click and select the option to “set picture as background” — this will prevent it from becoming “selected” or moving around when you ink on top of the template.
  • Save it to your template library
    • Click on the Format Button at the top of your OneNote
    • Select “Templates” and a right hand menu will open
    • Select “Save Current Page as a Template” The option at the bottom
    • Name your template something appropriate so it’s easy to find later
  • Look Under “My Templates” for any that you save or create

I offer a grateful nod of assistance to secondary resource… (and the wonderful Tracy Hooten) for helping me sort it all out (the forums at Microsoft weren’t as helpful as Tracy’s posts are on how to convert documents to stationery templates for OneNote).

I discovered Tracy’s affection for this same site several weeks after my initial “ah-ha” moment when I was still trying to figure out how to convert the templates on DIY to OneNote templates.

For more OneNote Templates (that don’t require conversion techniques) visit the Microsoft OneNote Template site.

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