Bored? Politically Motivated? Just Like Causing Trouble? Let’s All Hack Into Voting Machines, Shall We?

I got my first glimpse of the new voting machines this year. My son had already seen them (he’s 16 and not old enough to vote, but saw them at school when they were setting up for Election Day). The good people at the polling place gave me a quick tour of the new machines — which are going to be replacing the old “stand up” models I’ve grown to love over the years. Apparently, in this particular arena, I’m pretty old school. If you are interested in learning a bit more about the voting process here in America, you may want to watch this:

I discussed with the poll workers that I was looking forward to being able to vote ONLINE rather than having to get out and run to a polling place. But, they assured me, that it wasn’t safe to do that… then I watched “Hacking Democracy” (part one above) and read this…There’s a known issue with the new little voting boxes. It has been described to poll workers who are troubleshooting the machines (or those that bother to read the manual). Hmmmm…and I was told that voting online wasn’t safe…. Haruummphhh!

Want to watch the rest of the videos that comprise this HBO special? See below for parts 2-9. (A couple of the sections are “skippy” but the bulk of the show is here. It’s no longer available on Google’s Video search, it’s been removed.)