Google and Yahoo! Dabble in Real Estate Listings

Most of you have probably heard of — even played with — the new Yahoo! Real Estate Search Tool, but I’d be willing to bet that very few of you have seen a “sneak peak” of the new Google Real Estate tool.

It’s still in what I’d call “pre-alpha” — although I have no idea what the Google developers are calling it — and has been discovered via the back end by some people so geeky they make me look chic!

You can go take your own peek at this, the future of home search (IMHO), HERE. (Update 4/2011 – five years later – Well, sometimes I’m just WRONG. Google dropped real estate search from their offerings.)

It will be interesting to see how they plan to market and distribute this new tool… and what it will mean to the way people look for property online.

I predict that for those catering to the young, first-time buyer… this will be the place to be. That particular demographic utilizes the Internet for home searches more extensively than any other, and they (coincidentally) also are the demographic that is most enamored with Google.

So, if your specialty is the first time, high-tech, mover-and-shaker buyer — you should probably stay on top of this tool as it develops and is officially released.

And, if you are a Virtual Assistant or outsourcing specialist looking for a new niche service… learning to use this particular Google tool for Real Estate clients may be an up-and-coming specialty that will be in pretty serious demand. If you want to learn more, go to the partially developed site and poke around a bit (Hint… start with “post an item” and see how Google Base — still in Beta itself — handles this action).

Have fun!