Increases in Show Me Marketing Techniques - Another Step In Visual Online Marketing The visual aspects of online marketing are growing as quickly as video streams and video podcasts. One of the coolest incarnations of this in a retail format is a visual “comparative” search engine. Surprisingly enough… I used it to search for that perfect bag.

I burned a good two hours of precious sleep time, but found that the set up was easy to use, enjoyable and quite comprehensive (I saw bags from several different angles, including the inside dividers, pockets and organizational highlights).

Now, I’m not a person who usually enjoys shopping… so the fact that this kept me happy while looking for that danged elusive bag, is really saying something. You should take a peek yourself… (Pssst…they sell more than just bags)…
Visit the visual portal that is I like it. I like it a lot!

I hope they expand their offerings soon. I’ve got them in my HOT favorites list.