How I’m Voting and Why: My Vote Against Ed Whitfield

It is my hope that others, like me, will take the opportunity of tomorrow’s election to show how important one issue can be. For instance, I’ll not be voting for Ed Whitfield tomorrow. Why? He voted NO — he voted against Net Neutrality. I wrote him earlier this year and told him my feelings on the topic. He decided to go another way, so tomorrow, I’ll go another way too.

He serves on the Committee on Energy and Commerce, and is on the Telecommunications and the Internet subcommittee. So, I’m guessing that he knows EXACTLY what’s at stake here… and yet for some reason… he voted against Kentucky citizens and in favor of the Telecoms. Things that make you go…. Hmmmmmmm.

I know it sounds simplistic, but this issue is important enough to be the ONLY issue that sways me this year when the time comes to mark my own ballot…

I’ve also sent emails AGAIN to my congressional representatives — both of whom still still sit on the fence on the Net Neutrality issue. I’ve respectfully requested that they pick a side — preferably the CORRECT side — the one FOR Net Neutrality — but at least have the UMPH to pick a side.

Where I live, so many politicians are running unopposed. It’s frightening. Let’s see… I can pick “same-ol’-same-ol'” or I can write someone in, or I can refuse to vote for that office at all. Whoo-Hoo! What a barrel full of options are available in this year’s voting booth! I’ve never been completely apathetic about politics, but this year is closer to that than any year to date. But, tomorrow I’ll march down and do my civic duty — because if you don’t bother to vote, you have no right to complain. And, I’ll be danged if I’ll give up that right so easily.

Join me tomorrow and vote, no matter how pathetic the options may be. Because even pathetic options are better than no options at all. šŸ™‚