New Portable HardDrive: Tiny Physical Size, Big (200 gig) Storage Space

Now THIS is what I’m talking about! Hitachi recently announced a new hard drive for portable machines… a 2.5 inch HD with 200 gigs of space and it runs at a whopping 7200 rpm. Whooo Hoooo! Now the tiny little space offered to the more portable machines available… are gonna be a thing of the past.

According to a report from one of my favorite techie blogs (jkOnTheRun – updated 4/2011 – this link is no longer good), it will be available in the first half of 2007. I can’t wait! If you want to read the article over on JK… visit here: (no longer a working link)

I smell a Tablet UPGRADE in my near future… with a cool new super-sized hard drive… oh yeah!