New iPod to Offer "Full Monty" Screen Display

The good folks at recently released information (and a sketch) from the US Trademark and Patent Office for a device that smells alot like the soon-to-be-released and much-rumored-and-conjectured larger screen iPod device.

I did a little search on my own and found the patent paperwork which includes (ironically) a Quicktime display of the supporting diagrams and materials…

“If you want to learn a bit more visit:
(Really long government office URL here)
The patent file number is: 20060238517 and it was published on October 26, 2006.

So, I guess now is the time to cry that it’s not a phone and a camera too… and rejoice that it’s got a cool new screen and a new way to get back and forth in the menu.

My hubby has already asked me if my current 60 gig iPod will fit in his metal case (the one that holds his current 30 gig device). Ya think he’s planning for an update already? I know I am! :O)