Snazzy Snail Mail: Direct Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents and Small Business Owners

Are you bored with the same old “tired” farm materials? Do you want innovative and creative… but all you can afford is the service you already have? Is it the same service your competition is using — or a markedly similar one? Do you want your direct mail to catch the eye of your target market? And, are you on a shoe-string budget?

There is a way to make your stuff stand out… without a huge time and money investment…

Order some custom stamps. If you visit you will find that you can put your own logo, or even your own face, name and number on real postage stamps.

While contemplating how real estate agents could best use this service, I came up with the following…

  • Promote a niche service (relocation, for example)
  • Brokers could use this as another way to promote new agents
  • How about targeted mail to your luxury market farm? You could get a few sheets of stamps with a particularly nice home “stamped” right on the envelope!

I just wanted to share this potential for new ways to market your services, yourself and even your listings!

For a small business owner, you could:

  • Announce a new service
  • Highlight new products
  • Announce a business anniversary
  • Create your own specially branded holiday stamps

The cost just over twice the cost of a regular stamp — and that cost reduces with higher volumes. This is the only vendor that I’ve found that is approved by the US Post Office for custom stamps.

Just thought I’d share!