iPod Accessories Gone Wild

I love my iPod. I really do. I’m always on the lookout for new accessories and ways to make it even cooler than it already is. To that end, I have been thrilled when I’ve found backpacks that are iPod ready (with a plug for earphones and volume controls,etc, right on the strap. (These were at Target, locally). I didn’t get one because I didn’t need a backpack (although with my affinity for bags, it was hard to walk away), and because getting one for my son would mean advertising to the world that he was carrying that expensive equipment with him to school — not a smart move, IMHO. (It had big “IPOD BAG” lettering across it).

I even carted around a zip-front sport shirt this weekend, simply because I noticed it had an ipod pocket with the little rubber earphone cord pass-through thingee built in. My son and I were thrilled to find such a thing at… of all places… Wal-Mart. So, I stuck it in my cart and pushed it around until I realized that the ONLY reason I’d consider that particularly ugly and polyester-tacky garment was for the ipod thingee on the sleeve. I felt pretty stupid, and put it back.

While looking at all the cool stuff, and reading the rumors online of an upcoming iPhone and the new “widescreen” ipod model that’s “supposed” to be arriving soon, I also found what I consider to be the most inane iPod product ever created…so I just had to share… my idea of the Stupidest iPod Accessory Ever . Now, with that said, I’ve also found a couple pretty cool accessories, one of which may become the Christmas present for my son that’s currently in the Army.

Since he, on occasion, reads my blog… I’ll not reveal it here… until after I give it to him on December 15th, when he graduates from basic training. But THAT particular accessory is cool — and is being coveted by my husband too, so I may need to buy two of them this year… and I like it too… so maybe three….

ARUGHHH! You SEE how addictive this habit is?