I Have Amazingly Cool Clients

I have the coolest clients! And today, I was reminded of that when I got the mail. Today, one of my clients sent me a “Happy Birthday” present for WickedWordCraft.com’s 4th birthday. Pretty awesome in itself… but what she sent was even BETTER than the thought…
JJ Murphy of WriterByNature sent me the coolest little sterling silver charm in the shape of…

A cauldron!

It’s so tiny and so cute and detailed. I simply love it! *bubbling* Now I’ll add it to my growing collection of cool sterling charms with a note on it’s origin.

My husband frowned when he saw it, and saw how I cooed over it. I asked him what was wrong and he replied in a huff… “I wish I had found that for you, it’s REALLY cool… *humph*” LOL.

What I didn’t share with anyone was how long I’ve been looking for a perfect little cauldron charm. I even bid on one earlier this year on ebay, but it went REALLY high, so I let it go. Thank you, JJ for the cool birthday gift — and the even sweeter thoughts and card!