Mobile Catastrophies – (dang it!)

Today was good in several ways, and SUCKED in others. Yesterday, I looked long and hard for a perfect mobile “go-bag” for all my stuff. I’m on another kick about that — see my blog of a few days ago on this topic — and ebags was having a time-change sale. So, until right before the cutoff time of midnight last night, I looked — again.

I finally gave up and decided that my current go bag was ok, until something really moved me. It protected things well enough, it was ok. Then today… I pulled out my camera to take a photo of my son — who just got his shiny new driver’s permit. And the LCD crystal was BROKEN! It was ruined. I carry that thing everywhere I go. I NEED it. And there it was, broken and ruined.

I was working in town today — rather than traveling back and forth — and I had my powercord that I love — my iGo power SOLUTION. A bit more than a power cord, don’tcha know. And it has a short…

So now, suddenly, I’m looking at my little tablet PC, and wondering how many times when I’ve slung it around when I’ve had a narrow miss. So, I’m back to looking for the right tote solution. One that won’t require “wadding up” my cords one that will PAD my stuff a bit better.

I must admit that I hate the bulk of most travel options, but I found myself today checking my phone for damage, my iPod screen was thoroughly inspected and my tablet got a thrice over. So, I guess I’ll head back over to ebags again tonight… and start the search anew… *sigh*