I’m Addicted to Bags and Boxes and Containers, Oh MY!

Ok, I admit it. I’m a bag addict. I like boxes too. Containers, that’s my thing. Things that hold stuff turn me on. I’m not into typical “girly” things. I don’t particularly care about shoes … although once or twice every five years a pair will really catch my eye. The rest of the time, they are purely functional. If they don’t rub, don’t squeak, don’t cause me issues and aren’t terribly ugly — they are good shoes.

The three most important C’s of my existence could be summed up as: Communication, Companionship and Containers. Yup, that just about covers it. I don’t like owning alot of stuff, but I sure want to have a cool container to hold what stuff I do have.

Clothing is a simplified undertaking for me now. I’ve narrowed and honed and discarded to the point that it’s no longer a big deal. The biggest “turn on” for me in the closet is finding something that feels good, looks good, goes with everything AND is machine washable. Yeah, I’m a real clothes horse, huh?

But bags… OMG! I love “go bags” — not the typical purses that most women want. I STAY completely infatuated with the idea of finding the PERFECT purse and the PERFECT “go bag” for my geeky stuff. I can spend hours… I HAVE spent hours… looking at ebags.com and ebay.com and several other .com locations for the perfect bags with the perfect proportions to carry everything I need in a neatly organized and easy-to-find fashion. I look for something that won’t break my back while toting my portable office, and I look for a purse that won’t be too big, or too small. I’m like the Goldilocks of the handbag world.

Someday, I’ll find the perfect bag. I just know it. And, I don’t really care how much it costs. Heck, I even drew up some plans for the perfect go-bag earlier this year and seriously considered hiring a leathercrafter to make my dreams come true. I may still do that. But determining everything I need to carry, what I need to leave at home, and what extras may pop up… that’s the art and science of it, isn’t it?

Since I mostly carry my own food and water (the whole organic thing), my tote-able load has really increased. And yet, I still dream of the ability to pack a single bag and go for a week – a single “carry on” size that will hold all my food, my clothing and my office stuff. So maybe I need three bags… one for the office stuff, a smallish purse and the travel bag that’s small enough to carry on board even the tiniest puddle-hopping propeller plane — and well-planned enough, well-organized enough to be able to lay my hands on anything in it that I may need in under 10 seconds.

To date, I’ve purchased a slew of bags… all of which have been promptly donated to Goodwill. I’m not a bag collector. I don’t want just any old bag. I don’t want a wardrobe of bags. I want a perfect bag. Preferably ONE perfect bag, although I see that I’ll probably need the three I mentioned before. But not a half a dozen or more… just the minimum. Just perfection, please. The perfect purse, the perfect “go bag” is like my own holy grail. And, it’s just as elusive.

Why the fascination? I dunno. But some days… the desire to FINALLY find that bag leads me on a lengthy wild goose chase. Maybe it’s just that if I could ever manage to get just one small thing TOTALLY organized and under control… that I’d have a toe-hold to work on everything else. I do that with my computer desktop and my external drives now. I keep them completely organized. Took me DAYS to archive and file the last 10 years worth of stuff in a way that I could find it quickly… every single time… but I’ve managed to conquer that one… mostly.

Now, if only I could minimize the number of software programs I had to use, the amount of hardware I have to carry and locate that perfect bag…

Then I could pack it all up, a place for everything and everything in its place… and I’d be able to become the turtle I’ve always dreamed I’d be with everything that I need in a single, portable bag. That’s my dream. You can laugh… but it’s a fact.

I think I must have been a Gypsy or another form of nomad in a former life, a better life, a more adventure-filled life with less worry over caring for “stuff” and more time spent enjoying the journey and carving out adventure.