Mozilla Releases the New FireFox 2.0 – Info and Reviews

Mozilla has just released the latest version of the “I can’t, I won’t, imagine living without it” browser. I’m headed over to download it now and put it up for my first test drive. In the meantime, I thought you may want to know where to download it, and what types of reviews it’s getting so far…

Download the new version here:

Read about new features and visual flair on Mozilla.

Read or listen to CNet’s rave review of FireFox 2.0.

It’s already landed the October 2006 Editor’s Choice Award.

What do I look forward to most?

  • Inline, online spellcheck for those of us who like to blog LIVE (and prefer to do so without the humiliation of a typo!) and…
  • Defaulting to open in a new tab. (This upgrade alone will probably save me hours online every week! — Now, it’s right click, scroll down, click on open in new tab — and curse before starting all over if I happen to let my mouse or stylus slip to “open new window” accidentally)
  • And LIVE bookmarks (can’t wait to play with that!)

Get a full list of features here: