Google’s Custom Search Beta is Pretty Cool – And Mine is Here on WickedBlog

I’ve been poking around with the newest beta offering from Google – the Co-op Custom Search Engine. I must say, I like it so far. I’ve managed to load up my own custom search with all the sites contained in my favorites. So, although there are some “wide open” URL’s reflected there – like DMOZ – the majority of the results are really something that speaks to me. They are the sites containing pages or information that I deemed above average, helpful, extremely cool or amazingly weird. It’s a fairly eclectic collection with topics ranging from high tech developments to Voluntary simplicity to Marketing to Tiny Houses and Micro-Dwellings (probably just another “container” issue of mine), to search engine marketing and writing for the web and other topics that comprise my world.

If you want to try out my own customized search, I’ve posted it here on WickedBlog (it’s in the right column on the index page). And, if you would like to create your own…

You can do that by visiting go give it a spin! It’s pretty cool.