Net Neutrality and You – Senator Kennedy Takes a Stand

As the time passes and the Net Neutrality Nay-Sayers get stronger, I must push aside my differences with some of our political leaders and come together on this one issue. I think it is one of the biggest issues of my adult life… and I think the full impact of how this decision plays out will not be felt for several years.

I think it’s going to be a “Wow, how did we let THAT happen?” sort of hindsight situation, if we aren’t careful.

And, although all day, every day, is a busy time for me. Although my personal obligations to my clients, to my family and to my friends keep me hopping… I can’t in good conscience let this issue rest until Net Neutrality is guaranteed by law.

So many of our personal rights are being eroded and simply stripped away… to let this one go too, takes away the “equalizing” force that the Internet has brought to the voice of the individual. It takes away the most effective tool we have to ensure that we can maintain and even regain the personal rights that are currently being hobbled.

As a business owner, a mother, a wife, a daughter and a person who truly believes that the most important thing we do in this life is communicate with one another and relate to one another … I must say again that Net Neutrality is something I’m willing to support, willing to fight for, willing to work for… for as long as it takes.

Have you written YOUR representatives? Maybe you should.

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