Jealous of Jodi’s New Sims Pack

Jodi Diehl (SunfrogServices) has bragged on her own blog about getting the new Sims 2 Pets Expansion Pack . And, I’m a bit green around the edges.

Wayne and I have decided to get that for Alexzandria for Christmas (Shhhhh! Don’t tell her!) to go with a computer that we are preparing for her holiday surprise… but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to wait on this particular expansion pack myself!
Wayne is the big Sims fan at our house. We all love the Sims, but this man goes to extremes with his passion for the personalities behind his pet people. He, unlike me, isn’t the slightest bit interested in the pets expansion. He’s already handling enough with all his various households (the man keeps a grid of the households and plays them all in order to ensure that they all grow old at the same time, and to be sure that they are all on the same calendar day at the same time.)

Harumph! (and he calls ME anal retentive… uh-huh… guess that fact just revealed the truth, eh?) :O)

I’d play more myself… if only there were more hours in the day. I loved the pets on the old standard Sims… it was one of my favorite expansions… and this one is going to be so much better!

But, with the smash hit that the Gameboy DS with Nintendogs was last Christmas, I can only imagine how wildly popular we will be as parents THIS Christmas!

The gift (the computer portion anyway) will also give me the opportunity to start keyboarding exercises with Alex and prepare her for some online “virtual” classes that I hope to have her begin in January. I may not be able to homeschool her at this particular moment, but a little online supplement would help me to determine if one of the accredited “virtual elementary schools” is a potential solution to my current despair and frustration with the public school system.

In the meantime… I need to try to load Sims2 on my Tablet and see if the Virtual Drive can handle the additional power drain (and memory drain.. and HD space drain..) then… if it will… I may have to sneak myself a copy of the Sims2 Pets expansion before Santa’s due to arrive. I’ll just have to play it quietly when I’m alone… now, if only I can figure out when THAT would be possible!