Get Informed About Net Neutrality Now… Before It’s Too Late

If you haven’t heard of the Net Neutrality issue yet, or you have not yet “grasped” the full impact of this particular topic, the time is now. A good way to “get your arms around” the complex and particularly important bit of legislation is to watch the recent Bill Moyers piece on what Net Neutrality means to the average American.

I’ve been harping on this on my personal blog for some time now, but it’s imperative that this issue become clearer for small business owners, Realtors(r), real estate agents, entrepreneurs, freelance workers, remote professionals and anyone with a stake in having unfettered access to the wealth of information available at fingertip access… at least what’s readily available for the time being.

Want to find out how our country is languishing behind other developed countries on broadband distribution? Want to know what the telecom companies are doing to keep control of YOUR Internet? Want to be able to talk to your representatives about this issue from an informed stance?

You may want to take a few moments and watch the show… and a few more to learn about these issues.

Here are a few highlights of the issue that brings together (usually) opposing political factions:

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