Google Docs and Stuff: Cool Tools for Mobile Professionals

This last couple of weeks, I’ve been working with a peer using a new “beta” offering from Google. It’s called Google Docs and Spreadsheets and, I must say, it rocks!

How do I use it, and why do I recommend it for people who work remotely? Why is it a good fit for those who travel alot? Because it’s a web-based FREE way to collaborate on documents and spreadsheets and then download them in a multitude of file-type options… like .doc (MS Word format), PDF, .odt (Open office format), RTF (rich text format) or even HTML. You can export spreadsheets in .xls (Excel format), CSV, .ods (open office), PDF or HTML.

You can archive the files on your account, you can flag certain files, you can tell at a glance which (of the people you invited to view or edit your documents) made a change last. It’s like having a whiteboard, a word processor, an spreadsheet program, and a storage place online…. and *God Bless Google* it’s free!

If you haven’t checked this out, you should. Google, for all the “getting too big” press it’s been getting, sure puts out a sweet suite of services these days. I’ll go over a few of my own favorites over the next few days here on the mobile tech blog. When you are working from all over the place, having access to online tools like these sure makes life easier… and you can’t beat the price!

If you want to learn more, visit: Google Documents and Spreadsheet Information.

Oh, and just a hint… if you want to get a “mobile package” of Google tools going, the first step is to get a gmail account… two gigs of online storage and access from any Internet connection — and a great one-stop way to sign into your email, to access your Google docs account, and a number of the other cool tools currently available from Google.

Go get a gmail account now and then check back for more cool Google tools to be reviewed here soon!