Tablet PC: Is It A Replacement for My Old Treo?

I’m mulling over my current cell phone bill and I’m wondering… was it a good idea to give up the Treo and go with a separate phone and my Tablet PC? Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ll never give up my Tablet PC. It will have to be pried from my cold fingers… ahem… unless something cooler and better and faster and smaller comes along in the near future… but I digress.

The fact is, I could check my email and do a bit of web surfing on the Treo for $19.00 per month (with Cingular). And now, I’ve got to have this MEGA dataplan to use my Tablet PC from anywhere.

I prefer the Tablet PC. I like the full screen, the ability to actually do work on that full screen and to maintain a size ration as well as a complete program pack that’s identical to the one I use at the office, even when I’m not at the office. I love not having to sync things. I love having this system set up so that my Tablet PC is my main machine, with a server at the office and a 500 gig hard drive that can either reside on my desk in Serenity or travel with me in a laptop bag for longer journeys.

But the cost… whew!

I’ve more than doubled my cell phone bill every month, and I can’t get cell phone access from my office. Ah, the joys of living well off the beaten path.

Granted, I only wanted cell phone and data-plan access when I was away from the office, but when my cell phone bill is nearly $200 a month, one would like to think that when the DSL burps or the electric falters, that it would also serve as a backup without involving vehicular travel. And, yes, way out here, we have electric interruption for a few hours every two or three months.

To retain my sanity, I try never to push my deadlines too far and to assume that a power outage is a sign from God that I need to take a break. It used to make me crazy, now I get an extreme calm and rediscover how life is without all the modern conveniences. I don’t even run out the tablet PC’s batteries before I give up the ghost. I assume that I may need that energy later, and I simply try to learn to “go with the flow.” I didn’t say I succeed, I just work at it. Besides, my attempts to calm down and “go with the flow” are a source of never-tiring amusement for my husband. And, he deserves to be entertained from time to time.

As I start to gear down this year, and as I start to review my annual expenses and consider if I should cut back a bit here or there… I have to look deeply into the communication on the road issue.

I’m hooked on being able to stay in touch. The question is, how much am I willing to pay to do so on my Tablet? It’s a question I’ll have to ponder a bit… and then I’ll have to determine if I could do it with my old Treo 650, or if I’d need to buy a newer model to get the speeds I need — so I don’t pull my hair out.

It’s not a decision I’m willing to make at this exact moment, but it is something that’s creeping into my conscious consideration more and more lately. So, soon, I’ll have to make a decision to stay put or go back to the Treo. For now, I’ll tread awhile.