Soft-Hearted Husbands and Other Issues

Yesterday morning, my husband walked into my office, kissed me on the forehead and said “I love you.” Now that doesn’t seem all that odd, he’s often sweet like that. I’m a lucky woman.

But this morning, I looked up in his face and immediately knew something was wrong. So I replied, “I love you too, what’s wrong?” And the next words out of his mouth are those guaranteed to horrify any good wife… he said…

“Promise you won’t be mad at me?” His face had disaster written all over it and my heart sunk.

Since I am the person that I am, with the genetics, life experiences and paranoia that all come with being me, the following went through my head…

He looks ok, so if he wrecked the car, he’s not hurt. Perhaps a car-damaging, but not husband-hurting accident. Car can be replaced.

If the company where he works has shut down, we will have a tough time, but can survive. Tight budget, but not impossible. So that’s ok.

That’s as far as I needed to go. He was ok. And everything else was fixable, doable or at least tolerable.

I told him that I couldn’t promise that I’d not be angry, but that I could promise it wouldn’t make any difference in the long run and asked him what happened. He blurted, quite suddenly… “We have a new cat.”

I said, “And HOW did this happen, exactly?” but all I felt was total relief. See, my mind is always making scenarios much worse than reality can deliver — thank goodness! I tried not to look relieved. I tried to look stern. We don’t need anymore pets. We just don’t.

Then he got all gushy and said, “I was going down Hwy 127 when…I saw this tiny little kitten all bloody and walking in circles. I picked him up, cleaned him off. Angela, I couldn’t just leave him there.”

My resolve melted, I tried to keep my face stern, but I knew that I’d have done the exact same thing. I asked where the kitten was. He said he took it to the vet. And I’m thinking “We don’t have a new pet, we have a new debt.”

But, I didn’t care. I love that I’m married to an old softie. The vet said that the kitten may not make it. We will be able to know more tomorrow. My husband promised not to do this again (a promise that he and I both know is BS… if he sees something like this again, just like me, he will stop and scoop it up.) It’s a fact. In the meantime, I think our family just expanded by a sickly little kitten.