The New iTunes Causes Problems

I love having my music mobile. I adore the ability to download TV shows without having to endure commercials. And, I genuinely like the new layout and features of the iTunes 7.0.

But, what can I do without? The seemingly endless lag time for downloads. The “error” messages that keep popping up telling me that there’s a “dump file” available if I want to view it. Well, the fact of the matter is that I don’t want to view it (I’ve already viewed a couple and they didn’t help.)

I also don’t want to report this error to Microsoft — another option that keeps popping up. What do I want?… I want to quit rebooting my machine trying to download the content I’ve already purchased. I want…

to be able to use this pay-for-use service without pulling all my hair out. I want a tech support FAQ or search (advanced or regular) on the iTunes site that is user friendly and actually gives me the answers I seek.

I did get an “oops, the interactive booklet content you just purchased with the album doesn’t work, please go to control panel, access quick time and make sure you have enabled java” email. It arrived four days after the purchase of the album was downloaded. You know, this is SUPPOSED to be simple. It’s supposed to be dummy-proof.

And, I don’t mind beta testing programs. Heck, I do it for Microsoft often. What I DO mind is a “not yet ready for prime-time” program being released on the general populace without warning. And, it wouldn’t be so bad if it were an OPTION. But the fact is, they blocked any more purchase downloads unless you upgrade to the current version.

They have you by the short-hairs with the new first episode of Lost available, but no way to download it unless you download their program. Of course even then, downloading an episode is a real challenge. I purchased the entire first season of Bones because… well, it features David Boreanaz… and I couldn’t resist. Now I’m on week two — that’s WEEK two of trying to download it and I’ve managed to get a couple of the episodes. My que stays full and the constant download muck-ups is slowing down the system that I just got back to prime performance after the McAfee situation.

I’m downloading day and night, and it’s often erasing the hours of downloads at the last moment and starting all over again on the same episodes. It’s enough to make a gal go completely nuts! I’ve even set up my “big boy” server machine with the wired connection to the DSL to do the downloads — just in case there was a problem with my Tablet or with the wireless networking. And still I get the same error messages. Still I have to reboot and start over. Still I want to scream.

Now, once the problems are worked out, the display, the “flipping” though options, the new way of organizing content is going to be pretty sweet. It’s pretty. It’s easy to use. It makes sense… but the “There was a problem downloading ‘Your selection title here’. The network connection timed out” is making it difficult to appreciate the niceties of the new format. It’s making it difficult to remember how nice it is to have an iPod with all my favorite music, photo and video content in my palm. It’s making it difficult to remember how cool the iPod is. *Humph!*