Praise for The Open Door by Evanescence

Ok, maybe I shouldn’t be loving “modern” music — afterall, it’s not MY generation. And, for the most part, alot of the “new” music is (here’s me channelling my mother…) NOISE.

Now, with that said, I must admit that I’m really enjoying some of the newer music lately. I think Amy Lee of Evanescence has an amazing voice. I’ve liked a couple of her earlier songs… alot. But this new album The Open Door is a more mature approach and includes orchestral-sounding pieces that surprised and delighted me. I’ve always loved orchestra overtones on hard-driving rock. And, even her “softer side” is stronger in this album. Her voice, as always, is better than I could have hoped.

I just found this “compilation” today (11-12-06) on YouTube, and thought it was well done, so I added it to this previous post. Hmmmm, I wonder if that breaks any unwritten “blog rules”….

Considering that this is a “dark” rock band with “gothic/emo” overtones, I’m surprised how much I enjoy it. My youngest son just nods and grins when I tell him what I like about it. Of course he primarily likes the harder cuts, while while we both appreciate the full range, I prefer half a dozen of the lower-key cuts.I admit that I like quite a few of the sounds cranked out by the music my kids prefer, like Coheed and Cambria (in between the screaming parts, that is). I liked “Panic ” the first time I heard them play (even if they use language that I don’t allow the children to repeat — and certain phrases I won’t use myself, no matter how steamed I get). And there are a few other newer groups that have captured my attention (like She Wants Revenge ).

This new album (The Open Door ) has a few of the best “new” songs I’ve heard in awhile. They are (mostly) all good, but Sweet Sacrifice, All That I’m Living For, Cloud Nine (which sounds pretty other-worldly), Lithium and Good Enough have already joined “Call Me When You Are Sober” in my favorites list on my iPod .

Of course, I got the video single for Call Me When You are Sober when iTunes first offered it (actually my son bought it) — and we have worn that out to the point that it needs to “rest” awhile before I want to hear it somemore. I bought the iTunes version of the album on the 6th when it was first released, but you can pick up a copy at Amazon , if you don’t do the iTunes thing and you want to get it delivered. If you like Amy’s older stuff, and are willing to allow an artist to change, mature and change her sound… you are going to love the new album.