Fun and Games with Microsoft Office Beta 2 Technical Refresh on My Tablet PC

Ok, I don’t know who NAMES the versions of Microsoft Betas… but “Technical Refresh” sounds odd to me. I do, however, finally have the little sucker installed.

After spending the last two days in email hell… due to a problem with the new version of McAfee’s Security Center — which did NOT “play nice” with the MS Office Beta 2 at all… I can now get my emails again. And, my computer is no longer at a slow crawl with constant crashing symptoms. (And this is my baby… my TABLET PC!!!) * The horror!*

I was about to go nuts. NUTS, I say!

I will warn you that the download for the technical refresh is HUGE. The good side of that is that it will extend the life of the beta programs. Before, they were going to “time out” — probably just shy of when the market ready versions would be made available. Now, the “timeline” has been extended , although I can’t find anyplace that declares how long that grace period will extend with the new “refresh.” I’ll let you know if I find out.

In my experience, it took two tries to download the package — and I’m using a *usually* fast DSL connection. Once I got the thing downloaded, it took five… COUNT THEM… attempts to get the thing to install. And, even with that, it still gave me an error message stating that not all products and languages had been installed and that I’d need to check to see which ones had not been upgraded.

The exact message was: “You have at least one other product or language that requires the Beta
2 Technical Refresh. Use Add/Remove Programs to determine which
products need to be updated on Windows XP. To perform this action on
Windows Vista, reference the Installed Programs feature.” And the good folks at assure us that “This message
can be ignored. Click OK.”

Turns out that this really was a bogus statement and my installation was just fine. (as far as I can tell). I did have to upgrade my desktop search version to make the Outlook search feature work. That download and upgrade happened without a hitch.

Now, what excites me the most? I’m almost ready to try to get BCM to work again. Now, possibly, this will just make me crazy all over again… but HECK… I’m still in MS-Crazy mode, so what do I have to lose? My mind? Too late, that’s already all foggy and consumed by this stuff today.

So, off I go to try again to make this work in those areas where it was acting like a two-year-old toddler facing liver and spinach for dinner before… and here I sit, crossing fingers and hoping it’s “grown up” a bit and can handle processing what I serve up. 🙂