Trek to the Farm: Feeling at Home while Roughin’ It

I spent the night on the farm last night. I had a day onsite with a client a few counties away and I just went there instead of coming all the way back here last night. Call me crazy, but it was calling to me. The cabin is still many (wo)man-hours from being completed. This was a fact that had been depressing me to the point I was avoiding the cabin altogether.

After all, we made the decision to stay here at the lake until my son graduated high school — because despite my substantial complaints about the Russell County School system… it still runs circles around the Casey County version. It will be a cold day in Hades before my children attend that sorry excuse for a school again.

Which means… I can only visit the farm. I can’t live there right now.

It’s kind of crazy, with gas prices being what they are, that Wayne drives over 70 miles to work every day, when the farm is less than 10 miles from his place of employment. He stays at the farm occasionally. I think, working nights, it’s probably easier to sleep there than to battle all the hubbub around here during the day.

Anyway, we are going to be splitting our time there for awhile, until it gets too cold. On the weekends that Wayne has to work, I’m going to take the kids and we are going to “rough it” at the farm in the not-quite-completed cabin. I think the kids will like the experience. Last weekend we spent the night there and it was like camping out in a barn … a really NICE barn.

A really nice barn with electric!

My son said he would help me do some of the chores that need to be done out there, if I wanted to start going out more often. I’m actually looking forward to the hard work ahead. If we work some, play some and just get away some, it should be fun.

Since I’ve been spending WAY to much time working… again… I’m going to force myself to take off every other weekend and go to the farm and do some work and “piddling” at stuff there. It’s fall now in Kentucky. The weather is glorious, albeit damp. And its the time of the year when the farm really calls to me. I get the urge to cocoon there and let the rest of the world pass me by.

I get the urge to write there more than anyplace else that I spend time. But, even if I don’t write, at least the kids and I will spend some time together and maybe we will make some progress on the things that need to be done. I’ll be away from work, and when Wayne isn’t sleeping, we will be spending time as a family somewhere else.

I can’t justify a vacation right now, although we could really use one… so this is the next best thing. I think I’m going to enjoy this! I know that this morning I wasn’t ready to leave when I had to get up and drive back to my home office here at the cabin. It made me want to move Serenity out there and go back to satellite instead of DSL.

Nothing makes me get back to the basics, nothing makes me consider what is truly essential in my life, the way a bit of time on the farm does. I feel at peace there.