Just Another Thing to Make Me Crazy About Kentucky Schools — the Free Lunch Program in Russell County School District

When school started this year, I (once again) refused to fill out the application for “free lunches” for the kids. And once again, when yet another “reminder” was sent home that they needed this information, I once again refused to fill our OR return the application.

So today, I received an officially signed sheet of paper informing me that my application for free lunch had been denied.

I saw red.(Thankfully, there was a number I could call to have my application reconsidered by the “Hearing Official” in Jamestown, Kentucky…. GRRRRR)

You know… it makes me crazy. Way back, when I was trying to make my way alone — with three kids depending on just me for their food and a roof over their heads — while I was launching a business and we nearly starved… EVEN then I refused governmental assistance to feed my kids.

Now, I bought in bulk, we didn’t eat fancy, but we ate. And to be sent an official notification that my “application” had been denied makes me want to punch someone. Hard. Really hard.

According to the kids, they are the oddballs in this school system because they actually DO pay for their lunches. My youngest has told me that it makes her feel bad to be different.

Now, how’s THAT for leaving no child behind??!?