I’ve Got Games on my iPod and (Of Course) Movies

I just finally — and begrudgingly — upgraded to the next iTunes version. Why? Because without it, I can’t access some of the cool new features like the games (notably Bejeweled and Mah Jong) that are currently available for my iPod from iTunes.

I purchased and downloaded the Sims 2 game to my little flip phone a few weeks ago, and have thoroughly enjoyed the “dumbed down” version of this classic simulation game.

iTunes also is offering feature length movies by the download. I, however, will continue to use my own program to rip my rather extensive DVD library to portable format. With the collection well over 2500 strong these days, I don’t feel the urge to download rather than
make my own (already purchased) library available on the road.

I may, however, consider this more cost effective way ($9.99) to capture some of the future new releases that I want — but don’t want to get up and take a road trip to own.

Life is pretty sweet for the movie-music-game junkie geek in the modern age, isn’t it?

*reclines in overstuffed desk chair and sighs*