Amazon Competes with iTunes – Offers Paid Movie Downloads

After the recent grocery division announcement, I didn’t expect anything new out of Amazon for awhile. But, I was (happily) wrong. My favorite book source has just announced their new movie and TV episode download area!

Personally, I’m thrilled with the idea of iTunes getting a little bit of competition here — I’d prefer to have one place to go, but iTunes doesn’t have all of what I want. For instance… where the heck is the current season of Weeds???

As a person who doesn’t “do” cable, I’d like to pick and choose (and am more than willing to pay) for the content I want sans the commercials. There’s alot of hubbub right now about other options, including free content that is advertising sponsored for some of my favorite episodes. Now, maybe I’m alone in this, but for now, I want to be able to go on and download what I want and get it over to my iPod without any headaches. I’ve looked at other movie download options – paid options – but the ones I’ve viewed have formats that don’t “play nice” with my iPod. Amazon may have the same problems… I don’t know yet.

I’m going to have to go over and check out the Amazon movies — they even offer a free first episode of any of their TV shows — and see if it will be able to be downloaded to the iPod, or if I can only view it on the tablet. As much as I carry around the tablet these days, it may not be a big deal to have a tablet only format — I’ll have to give that some thought.

What WOULD be a big deal is being required to maintain two types of software on my little slate. I’m trying really hard to consider what’s most important and to have fewer, but more robust, programs on my slate. I want one icon to tap to get what I want. I don’t want to have to think… was that Amazon movie format, DVD format, iTunes format, or some
other format — before selecting the player or the movie.