Amazon Competes with iTunes and Kroger

In addition to the recent announcement of downloadable TV and movie content, Amazon also announced the launch of an online grocery delivery service a couple weeks ago, and I took a few moments to go in and poke around a bit., I must say I’m pretty impressed with the varieties of non-perishable organic foods that are featured.

When I get a few moments, I’ll have to go back in and look around a bit more carefully. I wish I’d done it when they were offering a $10 off coupon for new grocery customers… but time slipped away from me (the coupon was good for less than 24 hours, and I simply didn’t have the time).

Enjoying the concept of having groceries come to me, instead of me going to them has never been more appealing. Yes, I like “small” and “compact” — but I also tend to buy my staples and my essentials in bulk and the prices for the bulk organic items are quite reasonable and are, for the most part, a bit lower than what I have to pay at Wild Oats in Lexington (a two hour trip away).

So, I’m looking forward to placing my first order and evaluating the delivery time, the condition of the products ordered and … of course… my monthly “bottom line” on the family food budget. Granted, I’m the only one sticking with the “all — or dang close to all — organic” approach to food consumption, but I’ll take any savings I can get — savings in money, savings in time, savings in overall life hassle.