RSS Feeds Quit Working in Outlook 2007 Beta 2? Here’s The Fix!

I’m loving some parts of the new (beta 2) Outlook 2007 – a part of the 2007 Microsoft Office System . As I mentioned before, I’m not liking the fact that I STILL can’t get my Business Contact Manager to work (so I can do my billing from my accounting program without copying files and doing the “desktop to Tablet to desktop” dance.

The other thing that was making me nuts was to be teased with the possibility of having an RSS feed directly imported into my Outlook program. Right after I add an RSS feed, it downloads and “wheeee!” I have my favorite RSS feeds being delivered into their own little folders under my personal files in Outlook.

I was thrilled… and then the errors began. Now, I’ve found the solution, and I thought I’d share…

Thanks to a post over at the Office forums by Patrick Schmid, I now have it back up and working… now I just wonder if it will be a temporary fix, or a permanent one. For others experiencing this issues, here’s Patrick’s solution:

Already restarted Outlook and your computer?

In Documents and Settings/username/Local/Settings/ –>Application
/Data/Microsoft/Outlook and delete the file ending in If that doesn’t help, export all your feeds as OPML (File, Import and Export), delete them all and reimport the OPML.

Patrick Schmid


Thanks for the help, Patrick!

AFTERWARD… This worked for approximately… uh… 2 seconds. After some additional online research, I’ve discovered that the reason for this problem is … it’s a beta. DUH.

Hopefully the folks at MS will get this fixed before the final product comes out. For now, I’m going to have to investigate another format for reading my favorite feeds.