New, Lighter Looks on My Wicked Websites

I love black, green and purple. But after nearly four years of black backgrounds, even I was getting a little weary. Yeah, I know… you aren’t supposed to use such dark backgrounds. It was a rule I knowingly broke. But, calling a decision “artistic license” can only go so far.

So, it was time for a change. I wanted to lighten, brighten and simplify my websites (my virtual world) in the same way I seek to lighten and brighten and simplify my physical world. So, this process began some time back, and it’s still underway… but it’s much closer now.

This blog is almost exactly like I want it to be, and (content now added to WickedBlog) is getting closer as well… but I’m still working on the concept over at WickedWordCraft. That one may be a work in progress for quite some time.

I always try to give Wicked a face-life or a new feature or something cool once a year — near the anniversary of it’s creation — which coincidentally is in October. And I hope to have the work complete sometime in September this year. It would be so nice to be ahead of schedule for a change!

So far, the feedback on the new look has been quite positive, and I find it easier to read my navigation links.

Now, to finish up the graphics and clean house with the navigation to make it easier to find what you want. That has become quite a chore as these sites have grown. With sites this large, it’s become essential to use the archiving feature and the advanced search option to help my visitors find what they need.

As always, any suggestions from my readers and visitors are appreciated.

Have a great weekend!