A Mega Collection of Free eBooks on DVD and/or CD

The Project Gutenberg site is now offering a free CD or DVD size download of eBooks. And, WHAT a collection it is. The ISO CD/DVD image (over 14 Megs of Information, BTW) has over 9000 books on the DVD portion and the top 600 books on the CD collection.

This is one of my favorite online ebook resources. When I retire… I’ll probably volunteer for this site and others like it to help swell the virtual stacks of ebooks available free online!

In the meantime…

I consider this one of the best, most frugal ways to collect books. And, if you are a small spaces lover, it’s essential that your library be digital. Crave mobility? eBooks let you take it all with you. If you want to do research and be able to search for terms or phrases across 100s of volumes — this is the key!

If you plan to download this whopper collection, the good folks and volunteers at Project Gutenberg recommend you use Bit Torrent or a similar large-file downloading program to ensure you end up with a valid file at the end of the extended download process.

To learn more … Download A Huge Collection of Free eBooks from Project Gutenberg!

If you can’t download the collection, or you are dealing with dial-up, they will even send you a CD or DVD free of charge. (But, do be sure to give them a donation to offset costs incurred by the volunteers.) It is, after all, a labor of love.