Great Wireless Keyboard (and Mouse) for my Tablet PC at the Office

The good folks at Motion Computing offer several keyboard options for the LE1600 Tablet PC that I use… but I really like my own solution. I was at Best Buy the other day and noticed that they had some pretty cool new keyboards. Since I wear out a keyboard about once a year… yes I said WEAR OUT a keyboard… it was time for me to look for the next victim.

I tend to type the numbers and letters right off the key faces. My last keyboard, an ergonomic type from Microsoft, lasted longer than most because they keys were imprinted rather than just “painted on” like most are.

But, I wanted a wireless option. And, I have difficult with most wireless keyboards because I out-type them and that causes the little things to go into a buffer zone wherin I have to sit and wait for my keyboard to catch up so I can see where I am. I recently bought a cheap option for under $30 at Walmart, but it didn’t keep up and it kept tying up my program waiting for it.

But, there was this pretty new model at Best Buy… and although I wasn’t too hot on the keyboard in the beginning, I fell in love the first time I wrapped my right hand around the mouse. It fit me like a glove. Now I will say it’s not a good option for lefties — it’s custom-fitted for a right hand — but if you are right handed and you like a full featured mouse and a more-than-full-featured keyboard, and you want to go wireless… this is your answer.
The keyboard is the Logitech Wireless Bluetooth Desktop MX 5000 Laser and it rocks!

I’ve only had mine for a couple weeks, and I use it when I convert my Tablet into my primary computer (I use pen and inking technology when I’m on the road to keep my load light). But I must say I’m impressed so far.

There is still a bit of lag on typing, but not as much as I’ve seen with other wireless keyboards. And, unlike others, this one catches up pretty quickly and I don’t have to stop and wait on it. It will catch up in a burst whether I keep typing or not. There are features I’ve not even touched yet, but I can say that I like the quick launch keys and the media keys.

If I’m rocking out, blowing off some steam and blogging when a client calls, all I have to do is push the onboard “mute” button or hit the “play/pause” button to have immediate silence to answer the phone like a professional. No more fumbling around to try to shut things down, I merely hit the button while reaching for the phone with the other hand. The digital display is pretty cool too, although I’m not sure I’ll ever use it to full potential.

All that said about the keyboard… the most amazing thing about this desktop set is the mouse. It’s pure silk. It fits like it was made for my hand and it offers advanced tilt-wheel technology. It’s rechargeable (when I remember to dock it at night) and carries a good long charge (for when I forget to dock it at night). The battery indicator is on top, which makes it easy to prevent a low power surprise in the middle of a project. And the laser is pin-point accurate — better than any mouse tracking I’ve ever seen. And… it doesn’t seem to care what surface I use — even highly reflective surfaces work fine.

I had nearly resigned myself to a mousepad again — and I despise those little things. But with this new mouse, I’m mouse-pad-free and intend to stay that way. I don’t need any additional clutter on my desk.

So, if you decide you need a new mouse and keyboard, try the Logitech Cordless Bluetooth Desktop MX 5000 Laser . You’ll probably love it as much as I do. Use that link and you can order from Amazon and save about $40 on the price. I had to pay $150 for mine at Best Buy. That’s what I get for impulse buying instead of doing my usual research and price search. But, you can take advantage of my pricing hind-sight, and the current sale and mail in rebate… if you hurry.