Outlook 2007 is Cool, But the BCM is Making Me Crazy!

First of all, let me establish that I am NOT a quitter. Frankly, I’m, too darn stubborn to give up at all… much less to do so easily. Now, with that said, I’ve been working with the new office 2007 for A couple months now. It crashes alot, and has several issues, but overall, I like, it. (At least up to the point when I tried to get Business Contact Manager to work)

Now, after two days of hell, I decided to keep two systems running – one with Office 2003 on my server-desktop and one with 2007 on my Tablet PC. At least this way, I reasoned, I could still use my Accounting program to get my billing out (I use SBA 2006) I gave up QuickBooks last year because, well, I hated it. I hated the double entry between my timer and my books, the extra hassles and the constant “gouges” from Intuit to upgrade. I decided to go with Microsoft to get all things in one place. I assumed that software that advertised seamless integration with it’s own programs would be telling the truth.

But I digress…

The fact is, I wasted yet another day of my life trying to get the BCM database to launch and I resent the hours spent on it. I resent the time researching… but most of all, I resent that I didn’t find a solution. I resent that today’s exercises in futility have made me feel like a failure and a quitter. because it’s now past 10:30 pm… and I quit! (At least for today.)

(I also hate when my seeking in the mobile arena knocks the wind out of my sails… especially during the weekend.)