Want a Whole Library of Classic Books in Your Tablet PC?

If you want to read a good, old fashioned book — complete with sepia pages and pencil-marked book numbers from old library systems…but you are often on the road and simply can’t carry any more weight than you currently do…

I have a great solution!

There’s a website that permits you to view full color books (including nice lithograph illustrations) on your Tablet PC or laptop… You just push a button and the pages turn just like the old fashioned kind of books… not the same “scrolling” function you see in most ebook readers.http://www.openlibrary.org/

Their selection is still rather limited, but you could always volunteer to scan in and upload some of the old classics you currently have, or you could do a recording of the reading of any of the books they don’t already have with an audio-option.

Nice, huh? Even nicer if you are trying to live in a small space.

And another great book and story site is: http://www.fairytalescollection.com/

If only I had found this kind of resource way back in 1988, when I did my undergraduate thesis on fairytales!