Want To Know Why I Refuse to Buy Regular Meat? An Organic, Human (and Humane) Approach to My Food Supply

Many of my family and friends don’t understand why I pay more for organic foods. I just don’t want all those extra chemicals in my body. The entire family was organic for awhile, but my husband and the children didn’t want to be JUST organic, so they have re-joined the mainstream. I have not. I avoid food that isn’t chemical free, and when I find myself in a situation where I must eat what’s not organic, I select those items which involve the fewest pesticides, additives and other chemicals.

People who have been to the store with me are often amazed that I’ll spend so much for a dozen eggs in order to get free-range, cage free, no antibiotic-laden eggs. They also don’t understand why I pay so much per pound for the small amount of meat that I do still consume. I only buy from farmers dedicated to animal well-being and those who don’t use preventative antibiotics and chemical laden food supplies for their herds, flocks, etc. I prefer grass-fed and free-range. I’m not a zealot. I love meat. But I believe that quality of life should be a priority and the end of life — all life — should be as humane as possible. Period.

I just found a video on the meat industry that helps me to explain my views — not only from a health standpoint, but also from a humane standpoint. If you want to view the video, be forewarned that it’s graphic and unsettling. With that said…


(Alec Baldwin narrates the video)

I’m not a vegetarian, but I have dramatically reduced my intake of meat over the last couple of years. I ensure that the meat I do eat is provided by farmers that treat their animals humanely. I pay more for my organic milk from pasture-fed cows that arent’ forced into a lactation cycle, I pay more for everything that I can’t find locally… but personally, I think it’s worthwhile.

I don’t eat lamb/veal/pork at all. Ever.

Yes, my kids are eating school lunches this year (it’s a long and painful story wherein being 8 years old, apparently means you can’t be different without some type of massive “social” stigma… one which leads you to dump the organic food mommy packed in favor of sharing “Pop-tarts” and “Cheetos” with your school buddies… *groan*). Derrick takes his lunch sometimes, buys it others, depending on his own desires. Here at home, I provide organic milk and eggs. I avoid high-pesticide foods and buy those organic only. The rest of the time, I just try to avoid buying any foods that are overtly loaded and, I say a little prayer for the rest of my family and hope that minimizing exposure is enough. Then I eat my oat bran, my dried beans, my organic spinach, my organic mushrooms, sunflower seeds, and free-range eggs and try to keep my opinions (mostly ) to myself.

If you are considering a less chemical-laden and more “aware” existence, but don’t want to go “full blown” organic quite yet, here’s a list of the most pesticide laden and the least pesticide coated foods from any grocery store… you may want to take a peek: