My Airstream Mobile Office is All Set Up Now

Granted, I’ll be sitting mostly still for the next couple of years, but I’m now officially working in my new-to-me 1974 Airstream silver bullet named Serenity. If you check out the new logo, you will see an image of my baby. If you read on, you will see a couple photos of the inside of the office and the outside…

This is the outside shot of Serenity.

This is what the “office” space looked like originally — with the teal colored fold-out sleeping quarters. Have I mentioned how I feel about the color teal? *shudder*

This is the same physical space, now set up as my mobile office inside the airstream. From my office chair, I can lean back and grab a cold bottle of water or a snack from the ‘fridge. I have my own kitchen area (I don’t even have to leave Serenity to enjoy lunch when I work) and I have a bathroom and a couch. Not bad digs for an office, eh?

And the best part?

This is the view out my office door. And the door is to the immediate right of my desk, so I can lean back and gaze outside whenever I want. Heck, it’s even bright enough in here with the skylights and the banks of windows that I’m managing to keep plants alive! I have an office that can FINALLY keep a few plants from turning all brown.

I have alot more left to do. I’ll be tricking it out for technology for future trips, so I can work wherever I go. But for now, I’m loving it with every step toward the ultimate goal of complete portability.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

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