My Nephew Has Been Named and Is Due In SIX WEEKS!

Well, it’s starting to feel official… I’m going to be an aunt! Course, all the horrid stuff I’ve done to my sister over our lifetimes will probably come back to haunt me finally. Like telling her that she was too mean to be an “aunt” when my (now 18) firstborn arrived. I assured her that she was not an “ant”… she was an old roach. Yeah, my sister has had to tolerate alot over the years… and I was good compared to many siblings I know (namely my husband… he is a great adult and a fab husband… but was a horrid sibling!)

So, my sister is undeniably pregnant now. She’s simply adorable! And her husband, John… well he’s just cute as can be — all anticipatory and such.

Amy has created a little web page for her new little guy… and if you want to take a peek… go visit Ezra’s site (that’s my nephew’s name!).

The ultrasound shows hair already… which means that the little guy will probably be born like most of the babies on my mother’s side of the family — with a headful of black hair. Amy had that gift when she was born. I, on the other hand, was born bald. I didn’t get hair until I was about two… I looked like a frog. Amy was a beautiful baby.

Daddy, John, was also born bald… so the little guy should consider himself pretty lucky that he picked up on the RIGHT genes where hair is concerned. ‘Course daddy has made up for the lack of hair early on now… his hair is longer than Amy’s.

Personally, I think the baby is going to be adorable… a mixture of those two will HAVE to yield a beautiful result. Oh I can’t wait to SEE the little guy!